Issue 001

September 2017



Mark Brazaitis, World’s Fastest

Monk Davidson, In Harbor Town

Gherk, Shakeweight

Ximena Gutiérrez, Tea Time

Kate LaDew, The Shopping Cart Museum

EM Lindsay, The Many Naked Men are Here

Craig Loomis, The Berlin Zoo

Jenean McBrearty, My Dearest Gwendolyn

Jon Strode, Sundae Shave




5 More Days

Only five more days until Issue 001 is released online.

And only four more days until you can pick up a free hard copy at Common Grounds Coffeehouse in Portland. If you’re in the area, scoop one up! And if you’re not, let us mail you one – just tell us where to send it.

Issue 001 Comes Sept. 1st

Issue 001 will be released on our site Friday, September 1st!

Our inaugural issue is stacked with the peculiar, the unsettling, and the entertaining. It’s fun and it’s strange, with writing and illustrations from a host of talented writers and illustrators including Jenean McBrearty, Gherk, Craig Loomis, and others.

Visit on the first of September to enjoy the entire issue. Or, if you happen to live in the Portland, Oregon area, we’re also giving you a chance to pick up a free hard copy of Issue 001 a day earlier. Just head down on Thursday to Common Grounds Coffeehouse on SE Hawthorne, where a free stack of the issue will be available.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for sneak previews of the upcoming issue and to hear the latest news about the publication and The Absurdist community as we approach the release.

Thank you

Thank you everyone who submitted for The Absurdist‘s inaugural issue! Sneaking peeks as your submissions came in, we can say the mag’s content promises to be as strange and senseless as we could have hoped.

For now, submissions are no longer being accepted. Please give us time to enjoy your work and make some tough choices; we will notify everyone with our decisions within the next couple weeks.

Check back periodically, or follow us on Twitter for other relevant info.