That’s all for now.

As of today, The Absurdist Fiction Magazine is no longer publishing new stories.

It’s been a lot of fun running this oddball publication. We’ve had the chance to work with some truly talented, supremely creative writers. And all the support we received along the way from you, our readers, has meant so much.

Shutting The Absurdist down is a tough call, but it’s the right one for us now. Who knows what the future holds.

You will continue to be able to read our past stories here.

If you’d like, say hi to Connor on Twitter and Elli on Instagram. Let us know what you thought about The Absurdist. If there are any rumblings of a future publication or other project, you’ll likely hear them there, too.

Thank you all for the wild ride. Take care of each other, and keep it weird.

-Connor & Elli

Just checking in.

Happy Monday, folks, and good morning from Absurdist HQ in Portland, Oregon. Here the weather is drizzly and cool. I’m sitting on the couch with a steaming cup of coffee, listening to the rain and thinking about time.

Six weeks have passed since relaunching this magazine and, I’m grateful to say, we are already floating in good, weird fiction. This month so far we’ve featured brilliant writers with stories about pseudo-profound, Twitter-enabled sentence generators (“Genesis“) and best-in-show cows with a knack for the English language (“Cow in the Road“). And that’s just half of May’s lineup.

A whole lot more is on the way.

There’s also a healthy chance we reopen for submissions in the very near future. So keep an eye on the site or our various social media feeds for news. If you don’t follow us yet, find The Absurdist here on Twitter and here on Instagram. I’d love for you to join us.

Not that it needs stressing, but the world right now is an unusual place. I hope you can find a moment today to appreciate something beautiful, however small. Maybe brew up a nice, milky cup of coffee to sip quietly. Share a funny meme with a friend. Or even just remind someone you love them. The world won’t always be so unusual (at least, not like this) and, with some time, we’ll get through it together.

See you Thursday.


We’re at it again.

And just like that, The Absurdist is back up and running.

Last week we featured our first new story, “Just As I Am” by Morton Russell. It’s a beautifully haunting piece on family and the bittersweet passage of time. It also has apparitions.

If you haven’t read it yet, you totally should. Find it here.

This Thursday we offer our next story, something a little lighter. For an early taste (and to stay up on all Absurdist goings on) keep an eye on our Twitter feed and Instagram page.

See you back here Thursday. Stay healthy, everyone.

It’s back.

After a two-year hiatus, The Absurdist Fiction Magazine returns Thursday, April 9th.

If things look a little different, it’s because we’ve undergone some minor cosmetic surgery. There’s been a change to our format, too. No longer a monthly periodical, the magazine will now feature one exceptionally strange short story every week.

Despite the change in appearance, our spirit remains the same: a champion of the weird, a reveler in the senseless.

If you’re looking for a story or illustration from our past life, you can find it here. As for what is to come, well, stay tuned. A little birdie is chirping about a call for submissions…