Enjoy this week’s retrospective: two stories from our past life (circa 2017)…

Friends for Life CoachTM

by JoAnn LoVerde-Dropp

Originally published in Issues 003 & 004: November & December 2017 (print)

You are ashamed because last night you dreamt you couldn’t stay awake while driving—that your car swerved while you prayed to survive and your head lolled slack upon your shoulders. Ashamed, even in the dream, because you couldn’t stay awake and you swore in the dream before this one that you would never again drive while sleeping. This is something only Dr. Covey will understand. The one who does not blink when you shyly pull out your hand-sewn, full-body bonnet from your oversize handbag then ask for help with pulling on your tights. [READ NOW]

Almost Parents

by Elizabeth Heald

Originally published in Issues 003 & 004: November & December 2017 (print)

Two people are walking together when they find an abandoned baby. Their names are Seth and Elise. The baby isn’t actually a baby, but it looks like a baby to them because they have no experience with these things. The baby, a boy who’s just turned four, is playing with garbage on a patch of grass at the end of a bridge. He is a handsome boy with rosy cheeks and a sweet disposition. He is dressed in a dirty white diaper and perhaps this explains their confusion in calling him a baby. But really it doesn’t. When it comes to kids they don’t know much. [READ NOW]