That’s all for now.

As of today, The Absurdist Fiction Magazine is no longer publishing new stories.

It’s been a lot of fun running this oddball publication. We’ve had the chance to work with some truly talented, supremely creative writers. And all the support we received along the way from you, our readers, has meant so much.

Shutting The Absurdist down is a tough call, but it’s the right one for us now. Who knows what the future holds.

You will continue to be able to read our past stories here.

If you’d like, say hi to Connor on Twitter and Elli on Instagram. Let us know what you thought about The Absurdist. If there are any rumblings of a future publication or other project, you’ll likely hear them there, too.

Thank you all for the wild ride. Take care of each other, and keep it weird.

-Connor & Elli